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10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

Do you want your online business to gain more online presence? Establishing digital credibility would mean more traffic, conversions and sales. Whether you believe it or not, website design company can positively impact the response of your target market and their decisions.

Below are 10 points to consider when assessing your web design.

1. Free Offers

If you are giving away items and some merch free of charge, make sure to emphasize the word “free” clear and loud. This is a perk your target customers and audience would love to have.

2. Short Forms

Don’t ask too much information on your website forms. Potential subscribers and customers wouldn’t want to give away their last name, state, city and more personal details just to get that free download. Just ask for their zip code, address, first name and email address.

3. Virtual Chat

Users want to get the information they need as soon as they land on your website. Incorporating a virtual chat to your design is like setting up a telephone line in your web page. A quick chat can increase their trust to your brand.

4. Headlines

Huge headline text must address the main concerns of your potential clients. Research on their immediate concerns. Do you think they are concerned about the process and timing? Whatever they want to achieve, you headlines must reflect the solution.

5. White Space

10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales
Any user wouldn’t enjoy navigating around a website that looks cramped and ugly. Unnecessary elements and components can confuse your visitors, and can drive them away.

6. Color

Website colors can make or break a good impression. Make sure that your call-to-action statements and elements have more noticeable shades, to encourage more viewers to click it.

7. Video

Do you know what efficiently crafted product videos can improve conversions and sales? The level of increase varies, though some businesses report a 144% increase. If you are running a B2B or service-based company, utilize videos to share stories.

8. Ease of Use

Remember to position the most crucial details “above the fold.” You shouldn’t require your website visitors to hunt and scroll further to find the information they need. Incorporating a simple navigation design would be helpful for your audiences and customers.

9. Clear UVP

Finalize your UVP, or unique value proposition? You need to set this before taking any major marketing step. Communicate your UVP to your visitors—this would make them choose your business.

10. Trust Symbols

10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales
Know some trust symbol examples? Yelp badges, and a certification logo from PayPal. Make sure share your industry-related logos, symbols and certifications to your customers. Security seals and testimonials are also worth sharing. By telling your potential customers that you have these, you can prove that you are trustworthy enough, and that doing business with you is the right decision.

A Bonus Number–A/B Testing

You can follow all the proven website design standards in your industry, but little changes are required once in a while. Every change makes positive differences that can impact your business forever.