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3 Design Hacks that Will Ensure Better Website Conversion

Many people in the business sector often fail to see how important their website’s main user interface looks like. They are so fixated on getting much higher revenues that they do not think of the end user and how it elevates their experience in dealing business with you.

Website design is actually quite important and it will not only breed trust with your company, but it will also ensure that you get repeat buys and repeat visits.

That being said, how can you ensure that you get better conversion rates when people come across your website? Here are some design hacks that you can ask from your web design agency will help you with that:


  • Go Interactive

We now live in a world with more competitive devices- whether we’re talking about mobile or desktop tech. That is why website owners and designers can implement unique and wonderful things without fear that they wouldn’t work since most people nowadays have access to some powerful hardware that will support such things.

In 2017, interactive content was introduced to a lot of different websites- one of its implementations that have become quite popular is the interactive infographic.

Why is this effective, you ask? Well, if we look at historical reports, people are actually loving long-form content as they can just scroll down and see vital information using that way of viewing.

Now, add interactive elements to that and what will you get? More customers that are willing to take a look at everything you have presented to them!

Not only do statistics say that it grabs the user’s attention when they see it, but it also makes sure that you get a sizable number of people who will visit your site more frequently as well.


  • Video Landings

A landing page is where the person “lands” first on your website. For instance, if they go to Google and your website happens to be on the top of the search engine results page and when they click on it, the page that they go to will be the landing page.

Now, you only have a few seconds to make people stay on your site so the best way to capture their attention from the get-go is to include a video on the landing page itself.

It is then up to you how you will present the video. Perhaps, you can load an entire player that populates the screen and then leave the video on auto-play or you can just put the video on hold and then let the users click on it (experiment what works best for you).


  • Take a Look at Your Calls to Action

If you are not getting a lot of conversions, then there is probably something wrong with the way you’re implementing your calls to action.

There are two ways to correctly integrate them on your website. One, you can put your CTA directly on the landing page (making sure it is prominent). Second, you can first place all of your content and then have a CTA button just after that (but make sure that you captivate your audience through good storytelling. Otherwise, this system will not work).

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