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4 Web Design Trends That Are Changing the Look of Marketing

As a web designer or someone who offers web design services, it is your job to make sure that the overall theme and aesthetics of your website will increase conversions.

That is where design trends come in. New developments have made it a point to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. So, if you want to know the web design trends that are going to change the way people look at marketing, then read on to find out more.

1. Interactive Card-Based Layout

The future is now, and that is where the card-based layout comes in. The traditional scrolling layout has served its purpose and it is now time for an upgrade.

Card-based layouts provide an interactive platform and it removes a lot of clutter than the conventional layout design.

In fact, if you look at the Essentials page, you will find that they’re now using the card-based layout to great effect.

2. Dramatic Use of Typography

You might have used some Sans Serif fonts on your main page for quite some time now. However, that can prove to be dull and boring, especially since it is mainly used for business purposes.

Things are going to change in the next few years as more and more designers are making a point to use typography in many different and dramatic ways. For example, you could try being adventurous by combining both Serif and Sans Serif fonts. Some texts would be smaller than the others while enlarging those points that you want to emphasize.

The only thing that you need to be aware of, really, is that those fonts and texts need to be readable, otherwise, you will defeat its purpose.

3. Change Personalities Through Color Blocking

If you sell multiple products, you can utilize color blocking. And no, this is not blocking the creative use of colors; in fact, far from it.

Color blocking is actually just using different colors for every product. So for instance, if you sell 3 designer watches, each watch will have a different color background that will suit the personality of each item.

Color blocking has been used in many businesses and honestly, it really gives a huge impact. Doing this will definitely increase your sales.

4. Make Things More Dynamic by Turning Screens into Pages

Scrolling is still used to this very day, but more and more companies are employing measures just to stand out from the rest.

More people are using mobile devices to search for things online. In fact, they are also using the platform to purchase products and services as well. So, instead of the traditional scroll-down layout, you might want to try turning screens into actual pages.

To know more about how this looks like, take a look at Google’s official app. Each screen (when viewed on a phone) acts as a page and every time you scroll down, another page will be previewed and so on.

These dynamic transitions will change the way people interact with websites; especially ones that conduct businesses online.