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7 Foods that Are Sure to Boost Your Libido and Sexual Stamina

When you have consumed pornographic content before, you know how long those guys last. They do not finish off before 30 minutes as they usually go beyond that.

The thing is, the average person doesn’t last that long. In fact, according to a study of 500 couples, men finish off within 6 minutes and any man who cannot last for more than 2 minutes is said to be suffering from premature ejaculation.

Well, the reason that you climaxed way too early is probably due to the fact that you’re not eating the right kinds of foods.

Yes, the foods that you eat can also influence your sexual stamina and libido as well. So in this article, you will find out the 7 best foods that are sure to boost your sexual performance.


This is technically a spice, which is why it is so great to add to the meals that you are already eating. According to a study published in Australia, Fenugreek in supplement form has been known to significantly increase orgasm and sexual arousal amongst the participants. Not only that but it also has the added benefits of increasing muscle strength, boosts energy, and it also helps men maintain an erection as well.

2.Beet Juice

Beet juice contains nitrates that will help you reduce oxygen reuptake, thus allowing you to last longer. That is because the nitrates that are found in the juice can turn into nitric oxide, which has a crucial role in helping you relax and also opening up your blood vessels- allowing you to get more nutrients.

Also, because the blood vessels in your body expand somewhat, it also helps you keep your pecker standing for a long time.


Nuts contain a lot of unsaturated fats that are good for your overall health. Furthermore, it also contains nitric oxide which, as you have known from Beet juice, helps you with maintaining an erection.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also present in some nuts as well which can help boost your heart’s health.


Popeye’s favorite go-to food, spinach contains lots of L-arginine which is an amino acid that helps you maintain erections, thanks to it converting into nitric oxide. Furthermore, it contains loads of minerals that can also improve your overall health as well.


As you can probably tell by now, watermelon can also improve nitric oxide as well. That is because it contains L-Citrulline which, when metabolized by the body, will turn into L-arginine, thus employing the transformation to nitric oxide.

Moreover, this is perfect for men who are constantly dehydrated as this fruit contains a lot of water content (healthy water, that is).


According to a study that was published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, pomegranate juice can help men with mild erectile dysfunctions. It also contains loads of antioxidants as well, which helps fight free radicals or any other damaging agents that can harm your body.


Mussels, aside from being so delicious, contains a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids. This essential fatty acid helps promote heart health and if your heart is healthy, it improves blood circulation all throughout your body, allowing you to maintain an erection.