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6 Website Designing Tips for Beginners

As beginner web designers, you might have some ideas that you have in mind and you want to implement them on your next project. However, there are some things that you need to be aware of first so that you do not commit the same beginner mistakes as other newbie designers have. Be sure to read through the rest of

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Close-Up Look at the New Facials

A Quick Guide To the Best Facial Treatments Are you obsessed with getting facial treatments? Did you, at some point, dreamed of having beautiful skin and awesome glow just like Halle Berry, Cate Blanchett and Uma Thurman? Facials are important parts of someone’s self-care routine. It’s not just about luxury. All these celebrities we admire don’t just maintain a meticulous

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Never Ignore the Human Touch in E-Commerce

Nowadays, e-commerce have gone through high number advancement of technology specifically by using website as the major platform and by using AI (artificial intelligence) as the medium of communication. By that, it leads to lack of human touch in e-commerce, as people are relying on the AI rather than to normal human being.  However, human touch in e-commerce should never

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Tips On How To Find The Best Event Organizer

Hiring an event organizer should not be a burden especially to the host of the event, yet it is really important to spend some amount of time in selecting for the best social event organizer and screening theme carefully before simply hiring them to manage the event, figure out whether you want to organize indoor event or outdoor event. The

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