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Close-Up Look at the New Facials

A Quick Guide To the Best Facial Treatments

Are you obsessed with getting facial treatments? Did you, at some point, dreamed of having beautiful skin and awesome glow just like Halle Berry, Cate Blanchett and Uma Thurman?

Facials are important parts of someone’s self-care routine. It’s not just about luxury. All these celebrities we admire don’t just maintain a meticulous skin care routine for outside beauty, but also for the inner glow that is good health and self-confidence.

Setting a new facial treatment appointment soon? Read this guide before finalizing your appointment.

  1. Face Lift Facial Treatment

Do you want a fillers, scalpel or botox treatment to address your loose, saggy skin? You might want to try these 2 facial treatments first, before resorting to a more intense procedure specifically on facelift procedure. These will make your facial contours tighter.

a) Radio Frequency Facial

This facial treatment uses a combination of light and heat to sculpt and tighten skin.

b) Microcurrent Facial

Aesthetician to the super stars, Tracie Martyn, tells us that her clients Diane von Furstenberg and Kate Winslet loves this facial.

Do you want to know how it’s done? Well, it is not a relaxing facial, but it has its benefits. Your face will twinge a bit, since low voltage electric currents will be applied through a wand.

  1. Soothing De-Stress Facial Treatment

Do you want to get rid of your wrinkles? This facial treatment can relax your mind, ease tension migraines, and soften intense expression lines. Sometimes, it includes an intensive scalp and face massage, as well as an aromatherapy session.

If you are a night clencher or grinder, it can also relieve your jaw pains.

a) Classic Moisture-Boosting Facial Treatment

This is sometimes listed on spa menus as European, anti-aging, paraffin, collagen or rejuvenating facial. First, expect steaming as preparation for manual blackhead and whitehead extraction, and then antioxidant mask and neck massages. It is not high-tech or fancy, but this procedure works really well.

If you want, you can request for the steam to be warm, not very hot, to be able to avoid ruddiness and exacerbating broken capillaries. In addition to this, you can tell your aesthetician to be gentle when it comes to extracting to prevent after-marks.

Trust me, you’ll look even more radiant afterwards. Your face would be so smooth that makeup will glide on!

  1. Glow Up Facial

Do you have dull, dry skin with uneven in texture?

If yes, then you will greatly benefit from this treatment. It can remove dead skin cells and expose the new, fresher ones beneath.

However, you should avoid this choice if you have sensitive skin with eczema and rosacea, as well as if you are a Retin-A or Renova user.

a) Brightening Facial Treatment

This treatment includes a mild chemical dead-cell dissolving mask with fruit enzymes, vitamin C or alpha hydroxy acids. It can de-grunge someone’s aging skin, and clean big pores around the chin and nose.

b) Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment

This is also called a lunchtime peel. It is done through a stream of micronized crystals polishing the flakes your face, before they get vacuumed off.

The lunchpeel’s high-tech scrub needs to be handled by an experienced professional. They should choose the right exfoliation degree that can effectively restore your skin to health without any irritation.

Remember to book 1 or two days before his procedure.