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eCommerce Basics for Beginners

eCommerce, or electronic commerce, is the selling and buying of services, goods and information through internet and other computer networks. It equates to business transactions that serves an economic purpose.

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eCommerce can divided into the following categories:

1.Deliver services to a specific group or community

2.Accessing new promising markets, in order to reach international customers

3.Customer Relationship building; through ecommerce, there would be better communication with customers

4.eCommerce producers may try to enter the world market by using export marketing and electronic trading

5.Lessening communication costs in the long run; more companies are reducing costs for advertising and other promotional activities

The Role of eCommerce Management strategies

When it comes to new ecommerce systems, many customer management strategies are crucial because:

1.Sellers and buyers are directly related

2.Complete the entire exchange of digital details between the two sides

3.Save time

4.Support the interaction between the parties; thus, can be adapted to the customers’ dynamic behavior

The Business Value of eCommerce

1.Product improvement

2.New sales channels

3.Direct savings

The Limitations of eCommerce

1.Internet access is expensive.

2.Many people still don’t trust paperless transactions completely.

3.Aside from a server, network specific website servers are required.

4.Lack of sellers and buyers.

5.Accepted standards for reliability, quality and security don’t not exist.

6.Customers are scared of online purchases.

7.There is not enough bandwidth.

8.Software platforms and tools are not acceptable ranges.

9.eCommerce benefits are not measured easily.