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How Do You Treat Ear Infections?


Quite The Common Issue, And Quite Fixable As Well


There are a lot of viruses and bacteria that can cause some problems in our physiology. Bacterial and viral infections can occur in the middle of our ears which may cause inflammation, pain, and even fluid buildup.

Most children go to the doctor because of ear infection. In fact, 75% of children all over the world go to their physicians before the age of 3 because the condition is that common.

Ear infections actually go by a lot of names. It can sometimes be referred to as secretory Otitis Media, glue ear, middle ear infection, or even serious Otitis Media.

The good thing about ear infections is that it is very well-documented already, which means that doctors can provide effective treatments to help cure the disease.


What is It?

Simply put, an ear infection is caused by a viral or bacterial pathogen that affects the middle ear. The pathogens may cause inflammation or even buildup of fluid within the internal space of the organ.

The middle ear is situated just behind the eardrum. It is an air-filled space that contains vibrating bones that help convert the sound from outside sources into signals that can be used by the brain.

Ear infections can bring a lot of pain because the inflammation can lead to the excess buildup of fluid, which will result in increased pressure on the eardrum.

The condition may either be classified as acute or chronic- with the latter possibly causing serious and permanent damage to the sufferers.



Ear infections can actually affect both children and adults. Adult symptoms may range from fluid in the ears, reduced earing, and pain due to increased ear pressure on the eardrums.

However, children may experience a host of other symptoms, including:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Pulling or tugging at the ear
  • Pain in the organ, especially when lying down
  • Loss of balance
  • Difficulty hearing
  • Loss of appetite


Different Types


  • Otitis Media with Effusion (OME)- An ear infection may cause inflammation and would lead to fluid buildup in the middle ear. After the condition has run its course, it may still leave behind some fluid in the area. Although people normally wouldn’t feel a thing, doctors might even be able to spot the fluid left behind by the infection.
  • Acute Otitis Media (AOM)- The most common type of ear infection, this is characterized by the swollen middle ear which may result in the trapping and buildup of fluid behind the eardrum. This may lead to fever sometimes.
  • Chronic Otitis Media with Effusion (COME)- This is a condition characterized by the recurring flow of fluid in the middle ear. This can happen with or without infection.




For children and infants, antibiotics may be prescribed to help fight the infection. However, there are instances where the doctor would just let the infection run its course without medications, and if there are medicines that are given, it is only to help alleviate the pain.

There is research where scientists used stem cells to regrow the hair follicles inside the ear, which were said to be irreplicable. Times have changed now and stem cell treatment is a possible treatment for regenerating the hairs inside the ear, which would allow people who have lost their hearing to regain it.

To help prevent this condition from ever happening, always clean your body and let your children get vaccinations against ear infections and other similar conditions.