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How to Speed Things Up: Some Ways You Can Accelerate Your Mobile App Development


Entrepreneurs who only have a website and no mobile apps are really missing out. They’re losing plenty of customers since people are already making use of their smartphones for pretty much anything. So you’ve probably hired a team already to take care of your app development. However, keep in mind that actually creating an app is a lengthy process. Even if that is so, there are some things that you can do to actually hasten the process, albeit slight. Hey, a little bit faster is still something positive, right? Read through the rest of the article to find out some tips on how you can speed things up when it comes to app development.


1. Create Wireframes

Part of the app development process is to come up with a concept. After coming up with an idea, the real challenge there would be how you can turn that idea into an actual mobile application that your customers can use. To do that, you have to wireframe your ideas. Basically, a wireframe allows you to know the direction you’re headed because you’re creating a plan of action, so to speak. This is quite useful, especially in a team setting. You see, one developer might start on one aspect and another one would handle a different job and so on. When developer 1 has a problem with his part of the code and he isn’t there for testing, the other developers can chime in and fix it because there is a wireframe that will act as a guide for them. Using Wireframes can really help speed things up so be sure to create them at the start of the process.

2. Hybrid Apps, Anyone?

If you want to cater to a vast audience without the hassle of making two separate native apps, then you can go with Hybrid apps. Hybrid apps are basically applications that combine some elements of a native app and some aspects of a web application. The reason why this can hasten things up in the app development process is that you can create a cross-platform application using a hybrid app framework. Popular choices of this would include PhoneGap and Xamarin. Both of them have tools that allow you to create apps that are compatible with all mobile operating systems by just having one codebase. And, if you only have one codebase to write, development time can decrease dramatically.


3. Automate or Delegate the Testing Process

Every application should be tested to ensure that there are no problems in the final product. You can do this manually, however, it will take you some time, which is something that you do not have. You can either automate the testing process by using software that will do that for you or you can delegate or hire a team of testers to put the application through a rigorous testing phase.


If you’re going to use the tips that I mentioned above, there will be no doubt that you can speed up the process of app development.