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Never Ignore the Human Touch in E-Commerce

Nowadays, e-commerce have gone through high number advancement of technology specifically by using website as the major platform and by using AI (artificial intelligence) as the medium of communication. By that, it leads to lack of human touch in e-commerce, as people are relying on the AI rather than to normal human being.  However, human touch in e-commerce should never be ignore as it will result the e-commerce business to be less value and lacking of meaning.

Here are the alternative in maintaining the human touch in e-commerce:

  1. Social media in reaching the customers

Usually, one of the easiest alternative in reaching with the customer in e-commerce business world is through social media marketing platform such as Facebook as the purpose of post-sale or customer service. However, people are appreciating more if the social media is being used in highlighting the e-commerce personal touch.

By using social media, as the platform in reaching the customer, it would be encouraged if the staff who are in charged in managing the social media is someone who can respond in an educated manner and empathetically. This is because, customers hate receiving pre-packaged message or simply direct their question to frequent asked questions (FAQ) page. They would prefer being treated with proper message and proper feedback similar to real situation.

  1. Similar quality on online salespeople with real salespeople

Usually on e-commerce business website, the online chat customer are being treated as a second-class citizen, as most of the time they are being ignored and be treated with lack of attention. This cases should be avoided for specifically for a life-long e-commerce website.

Supposedly, the online salespeople have the same quality of skills even they are not interacting with the people face-to-face, yet they are interacting with real people. Having an online salespeople is a huge opportunity as the interaction is been made fully online, so the salesperson can deal with customer in more relaxed and no confrontational with no pressure setting. By right, the online salespeople should have the same passion and quality in answering any questions from customer online.

  1. Understand your online customer

When the customer are making phone calls to the salespeople, you should understand and be prepared on:

  • What they are looking for?
  • What they’ve already seen?

By that, there is a chance whereby they are calling to ask for a question where they couldn’t find the answer on the website.

Rather than simply answering their call with, “Hello, how can I help you?” the call should be answered with, “Thank for calling (name of the company). Is this the first time you’re calling?”

This is because, high number of customer would feel slightly intimidate and distance is the salespeople simply approach them directly. If the salespeople are starting the conversation with general conversation, it will result the conversation seems to be more relax and casual. By right, after some time, the salespeople could know the exact thing that the customers are looking for as through the online interaction, the conversational and hospitable environment had been created.

Besides, your customer would feel pleasure as they are being treated well even through online and it shows that the salespeople are giving high respect and attention as similar if they are standing right in front of you.

By maintaining and prioritize the human touch in the e-commerce business, there are high possibility for the business to receive high number of customer and increase its market sales. Despite the e-commerce business are held online, but the quality of valuable and meaningful element such as human touch should never be ignore.