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Top 10 Tips For Planning a Corporate Event

Are you planning a corporate event anytime soon? Organizing events is stressful and overwhelming, so you will need the following tips by corporate event planning companies to help you mount a successful one.

1. The Basics

Before taking any major event planning step, you need to master the basics first. Finalize the why, what, when, where and who. That is the starting point of any event planning routine. Also, you should determine your budget.

2. Calendar it

Once you have finalized the date and location, make sure to plot everything on your calendar. Make sure no other important events are scheduled on that same day. You wouldn’t want anything to interfere with your event logistics.

3. Location, Location, Location

See to it that your venue reflects your event’s purpose. You should also take into account the commuting routine in the area where the occasion will be held. For instance, if your event will be in New York, you might want to consider venues near the Grand Central Station or Subway lines.

4. Invitations

Once you have finalized your guest list, send invitations right away. They should be able to receive it 4 weeks before the occasion.

5. Meeting Clients’ Needs

Set up your RSVP options and invitations efficiently. Make sure to provide them the information they need. If someone inquiries about the catering meals, do ask them about their dietary restrictions. Every client need should be addressed.

6. Event Flow

Arrange the event flow and program ahead of time. Organize the “run of the show,” and make sure all contact information and other details are noted. These will not only be helpful for the workflow, but also in meeting and exceeding the expectations of the guests.

7. Welcome Your Guests

There must be a dedicated team that will welcome guests at the door, most especially if you are inviting VIPs. Should you provide an entrance for the VIPs? As much as possible, as some of your business partners to welcome them, and ensure that they are introduced to the event host.

8. Introduce Yourself

Introductions are important in making an event successful. Most of the time, people attend events to widen their network and meet potential business partners. Make sure to make appropriate introductions, most specially if it involves business colleagues and partners.

9. Post Event Follow Ups

Post event follow ups are essential to understand points of improvement. Through an online survey after the event, you measure the success of your occasion.

10. Looking Forward

Do you want to host this kind of event soon? Did your guests like it? It’s always best to keep a portfolio of event locations, and event types. You’ll never know what kind of occasion you will host many years from now.